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Upcoming events in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Department of Musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem...

On March 31, 2015 Dr. Efrayim Yaacov, a foremost scholar of Jewish studies and avid ethnographer specializing in the Yemenite Jewish traditions passed away at the young age of 61...

The Lexicon of Klezmer Terminology (LKT), a wide scale project conducted by Prof. James Loeffler between 1996-2001...

A brand new online product launched by Oxford University Press, Oxford Bibliographies online...

New from the JMRC:  Experiencing Devekut: The Contemplative Niggun of Habad in Israel by Raffi Ben-Moshe.

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The Thesaurus of Jewish Music is a search engine created and devised by the JMRC aiming to provide reliable information about Jewish Music in all its aspects. The data mining carried out by the JMRC website staff distills the information and embeds it in a way that allows users a most accurate and comprehensive search. You are most welcome to contribute to the enrichment of this growing database by contacting us.

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Ehad mi yodea in Yiddish and Hebrew\Aramaic from 1590 Prague Hagaddah
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The Thessaloniki version of "Ehad mi yodea." This version was part of a 1982 radio broadcast hosted by Dr. Susana Weich-Shahak. Here she introduces the songs, plays a recording of the introductory blessing and sings all 13 stanza along with a group of singers. Recording taken from NLI YC 01925.