Yehezkiel Braun - Biography

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Brod, Max

Critic, author and composer

Max Brod - Publications

Max Brod - Biography

Max Brod (Prague, 1884 – Tel-Aviv, 1968, immigrated in 1938). Czech writer, poet, playwright, essayist and composer. The first biographer of Janáček. Also supported couleurlocale. In his book about Israeli music (in German) titled Die Musik Israels (1951), he coined (with Boskovich) the “Mediterranean style”—a term in vogue in the 1940's and 1950's.

Written by Dr. Ronit Seter

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Platon Brounoff - Publications

Platon Brounoff - Biography

Conductor, arranger, and composer of Yiddish music. Born in Yelisavetgrad in Russia. In 1891, immigrated to the U.S. and settled in New York. Founded and conducted the Poale Tsion Choir, the first Jewish secular choir in America. Collected over 300 Jewish folk songs, some of which he arranged for his choir. Composed Yiddish songs (see "Song of the month," March 2010).

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