Alexander Krein's Kaddish, op.23,manuscript by the Soviet Jewish coposer, lost since the Nazi era.

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Verfemte Musik: Komponisten in den Diktaturen unseres Jahrhundrets ( Book )
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Frankfurt am Main, G

Aleksander Krejn (1883-1951), a founder of the Jewish national school in Russia, wrote “Kaddish” (1921-22)in memory of his parents, by setting a Russian poem by his friend Aleksander Orsanin to what he called a symphonic cantata for tenor,mixed choir and orchestra. The long lost MS came to light in 1989 and is now in the archives of the publishing house Universal-Edition, Vienna. Krejn continued to write Jewish music until the end of the 1920s, at which point he started to write Soviet music in a rather artificial form. A brief survey of the consequences of Russian cultural politics for Jewish music after the Russian Revolution (1917) is given.