Alexander Olshanetsky

Alexander  Olshanetsky
Composer & conductor of Yiddish theater music

Alexander Olshanetsky was born in Odessa, Ukraine. He played with the Odessa Opera orchestra and toured Russia and Siberia, and later was the choral director for a Russian operetta company. He stayed in Kharbin (today in China), and conducted a Yiddish theater group there. In 1922, Olshanetsky immigrated to the U.S. and worked as a composer and conductor for the Yiddish theater. From 1925 and until his death, Olshanetsky was one of the most prominent composers and conductors of the "Second Avenue" milieu.

Sound Examples: 
Mazel in Liebe

Alexander Olshanetsky Orchestra performing his tune Mazel in Liebe, 1929.

Video Examples: 
Two of Olshanetsky's tunes sung by Yoni Eilat