Judit Frigyesi

Judit Frigyesi
1954 -

Ph.D, University of Pennsylvania, 1989. Research interests: music context (art, social and cultural history); modernism; Bela Bartok; analysis of form, influence, and rhythm; typology and analysis of melody; modality and rhythm; music and ritual; East-European folk music; and Jewish liturgical music (especially Eastern Europe). Her main research interest is the liturgical chant of the East Asheknazi Jews, a project she has begun over twenty years ago. Her research focuses mainly on three aspects of Ashkenazi chant: (1) the religious function and meaning of music in the service, (2) the nature of rhythms, styles, genres, and forms in the music of the service, and (3) the phenomenon of nussah.

Picture courtesy of Judith Pinnolis, JMWC