New Song of the Month: Haynt Iz Purim, Brider

New Song of the Month: Haynt Iz Purim, Brider

The JMRC staff is proud to present, especially for Purim, a new entry in the Song of the Month series.

Haynt Iz Purim, Brider (‘Today is Purim, Brothers’) is a popular song from the American Yiddish repertoire, and is presented here with extensively researched historical notation ranging from 1880 to 1942, showing the development of the song over several generations.

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Sound Examples: 
Schlesinger Purim Suite, 1951

Suite of Purim songs for orchestra arranged by Hanan (Hans) Schlesinger (1893-1976). 'Heynt iz Purim brider' is the third song in the suite (at 1:42). Unreleased broadcasting 33 rpm record from the Kol Israel collection, recorded on March 21, 1951. Sound Archives, National Library of Israel, K 06539A (on the label of the record 'Heynt iz Purim brider' is called 'Hayom Purim').

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