Rachel Kollender

Rachel Kollender

Lecturer, Musicologist and Ethnomusicologist, with special interest in Jewish music, Karaite music, Women and music in jewish societies, music in Europe 1935-45.

Teaching Positions:
Bar-Ilan University, department of music, department of communication; Oranim College; Talpiot College; Jerusalem Girls College (Michlala); Highschools "Emuna" and "Dror".

Research grants, awards (selection):
Two funds of the Israel Science Foundation: 1993-on Karaite music, 1998 – on Jewish music of Afghany women (with Dr. Yael Shai).

Two funds of Dahan Foundation, with Dr. Yael Shai: 2001, 2002.

Two funds of Ihel Foundation, with Dr. Yael Shai: 1997, 1998.