Ades Synagogue


The Ades synagogue of the Aleppine Jewish community is located in the Nakhalat Zion neighborhood, in central Jerusalem.

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Bin Tavinu Liqnot Bina Ha'azinu

February, 2010

Rabbi Yisrael Najara (1550?-1625), a poet and a composer, was born to a distinguished family of Jews from Spain. He lived and worked in Damascus, Safed, and Gaza. He was one of the greatest Hebrew poets in the period after the expulsion from Spain.

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Mi-al har horev from the manuscripts of Obadiah the Proselyte

July, 2008

The preparation of July's song of the month was inspired by several recent inquiries regarding the musical manuscripts of Obadiah the Proselyte. The staff of the Jewish Music Research Centre hopes that the information provided in the introduction, the accompanying recordings, and the bibliography will provide a general picture regarding this interesting set of early Hebrew musical manuscripts.

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