Song of the month archive

Selihot according to Siftei renanot

September, 2016


As the High Holidays approach, the Jewish Music Research Centre dedicates the Song of the Month to the Selihot. The materials are extracted from a presentation titled “Islands of Musical Memory: Lucena (Spain, 11th century)-Djerba and Tripoli (16th century)-Netivot and Tel Aviv (Israel, 21st century)” by Edwin Seroussi, read at the 18th ICTM Colloquium “Musical Exodus: Al-Andalus and its Jewish Diasporas” held at the Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, on July 20-23, 2008.

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Haint Iz Purim, Brider, Part II

April, 2016


In the last Song of the Month we introduced the song for Purim ‘Haint Iz Purim, Brider’ (Today is Purim, Brothers). Our research led us to several versions and variants of this song, reflecting once again the intricate ways in which Jewish repertoires were constructed by diverse agents in the modern period. One of the recordings of this song that we were able to excavate from the archives is the subject of this second (and probably not last) chapter on ‘Haint Iz Purim, Brider.’

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