Aims and Scope

Dedicated to the study of Jewish musical traditions and their habitats, Yuval welcomes articles that cover ethnographic, historical, historiographical, aesthetic and semiotic perspectives based on archival research, contemporary fieldwork, and digital resources. Scientific translation of constituent primary sources would also be considered, as well as review essays on thematically related books, articles, and/or music editions. Audo and Video files can be included in the articles’ HTML format. PDF versions of the article would feature the body text and digitized (or scanned) music examples, in addition to other images. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to include copyrighted material in any format published in Yuval. The journal’s web page also allows access to all ten back issues—most of which are have appeared in print with Magnes Press—from 1968 through 2016. 
Articles and review essays will be published immediately upon their peer-reviewing process and final acceptance by the editors. The articles published on each calendar year will comprise a yearbook with a distinctive volume number, starting with volume 11 (2019). Yuval does not charge for processing or submission of articles, and so that all articles submitted for publishing are free of charge.