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And on the Seventh Day. Et au Septieme Jour [JIMF]

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Directed by Baruch Dienar


This French, docudrama explores different places in Israel, and specifically the Old City of Jerusalem during the aftermath of the Six Day War. Amongst the scenes of bustling streets and ruins a few scenes appear that feature both Simchat Torah and Succoth prayers and celebrations. The Simchat Torah scenes feature music that is sung during these celebrations such as Vesamchta B'chagecha, Hoshia et Amecha and U'Paratzta Yama V'Kedma Tsafona U'Negba. Unfortunately, the soundtrack in the scene of the Succoth Prayers does not coincide with the images on the screen and thus it cannot be ascertained as to what those featured in the video are chanting.



Complete film on Youtube, courtesy of the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive Virtual Cinema:


Written by Eliahu Adelman

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