Bessie Weissman

Yiddish theater actress

Bessie Weissman (Bain) was born into a Yiddish theater family in New York and became the daughter-in-law of playwright Anshel Schorr. She played child and adult roles with a number of the great actors, including Bertha Kalish, Jacob P. Adler (1855–1926), David Kessler (1860–1920) and Maurice Schwartz (1890–1960), and later partnered with the comic singing star Aaron Lebedeff (1873–1960).

She appears to have left the theater after 1926.

Source: Joel E. Rubin and Rita Ottens, "Bessie Weissman" in accompanying booklet, Di Eybike Mame, Wergo SM 16252, compact disc.