Flash-tants/fleshltants (LKT)

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Flash [Bottle] Tanz, dance with a bottle on the head.” EncyJud 1971, p. 1266

“... Similar to the ‘shtoktants,’ the ‘bottles dance’ or in popular language, the ‘fleshltants’ is also danced. The ‘fleshl-tants’ also has two forms of dance... the dance itself is performed to the melody of the tune ‘the beroyges dance’, which is the traditional melody for the entire section of dances. The second style of the ‘bottles dance’ is similar to the acrobatic ‘shtoktants’ dance...” [Lag B’Omer, Meron, Israel, 1960s-1970s]. Fridhaber 1978a, pp. 7-8

“Similar to the ‘Shtocktants’ is the ‘Dance of the Bottle,’ known popularly as the ‘Flashtants.’ Instead of a pencil and cane, a bottle or glass (sometimes filled with water) is used. The bottle or the glass is placed on the dancer’s head...” Friedhaber 1975, pp. 28-29

The Flasch-tanz: The man, perhaps to prove himself sober, balances a bottle on his head as he dances.” Lapson 1943, p. 461

Flash Tants: Bottle dance. A man dances and does gymnastics with a bottle balanced on his head.” Roskies and Roskies 1975, p. 232