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Isramack Production Company

Directed by Lena Chapman

Tofa'a is an all female Hareidi rock band. Their leader is drummer and singer Yona Yacobovitz who founded the band almost 30 years ago in Jerusalem. Because some sects of ultra-orthodox Judaism prohibits a man to see a woman sing, HaTofa'ah only perform in front of all female audiences and use an all female crew. The band, as is seen throughout the film, does not see this as a drawback, but rather feels empowered by it. That is because, as they claim, when they perform they want to express themselves fully, something that they feel they cannot do when there is a man around them. This film documents their energetic live performances where they perform their original songs that deal with different themes inspired by Judaism. Additionally it interviews many of the band members, especially Yacobovitz, and documents recording session and rehearsals.



Video of a live performance of the band that is not taken from the film