Jacob Bauer

Cantor and teacher

Cantor and teacher. Born in Szenice, Hungary. Cantor and adaptor of music in the Turkish-Israelite temple in Vienna. Founder and first editor of the Oesterreichisch-Ungarische Kantoren-Zeitung (1881-1898). Together with Isidor Lowit, published a collection of arrangements of Turco-Sephardic melodies (Schir-Hakawod [1889]).

Jacob Bauer's biography can be found in Yiddish in Elias Zaludowski's Ḳulṭur-ṭreger fun der Idisher liṭurgye: hisṭorish-biografisher iberbliḳ iber ḥazones̀, ḥazonim un dirizsharn, page 196. For an online version, click here.