The JMRC Ashkenaz Music Study Group

During the academic year 2002/2003, the JMRC established the Ashkenaz Music Study Group under the guidance of Eliyahu Schleifer. The goal of this group is to develop an integrative approach to the study of music in Ashkenazi Jewish societies, avoiding the barriers created by the compartmentalization of genres such as Yiddish folk song, hazzanut, Klezmer music, etc. The group has been active intermitently since 2002. All researchers associated with the JMRC, who work on diverse aspects of European Jewish musical cultures, meet on a regular basis, learn of each other's research, discuss, encourage and challenge ongoing projects. Among the topics discussed in the group: Modes (Shteygers); Rhythmic analysis of Niggunim; Israeli prayer Nusach; the Tedeschi (north Italian Ashkenazi Jews); Hazzanut styles in the 20th century; Yiddish songs and Israeli songs, and more. Selected recordings of meetings, discussions and musical examples can be found in this website.

All of the group's meetings were recorded and uploaded to our website. Listen to the meetings (the list is in Hebrew).