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King of the Klezmer Clarinet

Material Type: 
Rounder Select
Place of Publication: 
Cambridge, MA

This album features restored recordings of famed Klezmer clarinetist Naftule Brandwein. Henry Sapoznik collaborated with Rounder Records to release this retrospective album, which includes the following tracks: 1. Heiser Bulgar 2. Freit Sich, Yiddelach (Be Happy Jews) 3. Der Terkisher-Bulgar Tanz 4. Kolomeika (Ukrainian Dance) 5. Naftule spielt far dem rebin (Naftule plays for the Rabbi) 6. Nifty's Freilach 7. Oi tate, s'is gut (Oh daddy, that's good!) 8. Der Terk in America 9. Wie bist die gewesen vor Prohibition (Where were you before Prohibition) 10. Das Teureste in Bukowina (The dearest one in Bukovina) 11. Der Heisser (Tartar dance) 12. A hora mit tzibeles (Hora with onions) 13. Fun Tashlach (Returning from the river) 14. Leben zol Palestina (Long live Palestine) 15. Dem Rebin's Chusid (The Rabbi's disciple) 16. Der Yid in Jerusaleim 17. Bulgar ala Naftule 18. Kleine Princessin (Little princess) 19. Turkishe yalle vey uve 20. Naftule, shpiel es noch amol (Naftule, play it again) 21. Araber Tanz 22. Nifty's eigene (Nifty's own) 23. Fufzehn yahr fon der heim awek (fifteen years away from home) (Russian Dance) 24. Vie tsvie is Naftule der driter (Where there are two, Naftule is the third) 25. Freilicher yontov (Happy holiday) ("Naftule's Own," #1)