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Director:  Alan Ezequiel Jais

This film is about a play about a Jewish Argentinean radio show and about the beginnings of the Jewish Yiddish theater and culture in Argentina during the 1950s. It also tells the story of the decline of the usage of Yiddish by Argentinian Jewry. The play features both Yiddish songs and Tangos and Milongas, two traditional Argentinean musical styles. Many of the songs and themes of the play deal with what it means to be both Argentinean and Jewish.

The songs featured and performed in the film are:

  1.  A Quinte in Castela, A Yiddish Lidele, Moisesville (Max Zalkind)
  2.  Much Ojo (Jevl Katz)
  3. Tango Shmango, Una Madre Yiddishe Momme, On Friday Night, Angels Lullaby, Maine Gasn (Mis Alles) ( Maestro Albert Levi)