Adonai Malach

The Concept of Mode in European Synagogue Chant

The article deals with research of the "Adonai Malach" Steiger using 30 melodies representing an existing tradition. "Adonai Malach"'s scale, motives, the motives' function, placement and the Steiger's "ethos" are all examined. The Steiger proves to be an extraordinary phenomenon in European music but there is an obvious similarity to the melodic structure of Eastern music in the past and present.

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The Adonai Malach Mode in Ashkenazi Prayer Music: the Problem Stated and a Proposed Outlook based on Musical Characteristics


An attempt to redefine the Ashkenazi "Adonai Malach" prayer mode. Contains an historical review of its most important definitions (Idelsohn, Cohon, Avenary), and analysis of its motifs, appearing in various prayers. Includes bibliographical references.

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