A Fusion of Traditions: Liturgical Music in the Copenhagen Synagogue


Based on recordings of services in the Copenhagen synagogue done back in 1967, this book presents the history of Jewish life in Denmark (mainly Copenhagen) and of music in the Copenhagen synagogue, and analises how the music reflects the special integrative character of that community.

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The Mogen Ovos Mode: a Study in Folklore

Singing the prayer magen avot, the abbreviated repetition of Sabbath-eve amidah, is an old tradition which "goes back to the third century." Jewish communities in different parts of the world share the same mode for the prayer, though each community has its own variant. This mode, which, to Idelsohn, is the deepest expression of the Jewish soul, is based on an "original melodic line of Jewish folk song" and is also the foundation of various synagogue melodies (e.g. Leoni's yigdal).

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