Philo's views on music

The importance of music to the great Jewish philosopher Philo can be seen in his many references to music and his use of musical imagery. His works are indebted to the Pythagorean school and to Plato, but are even more imbued with musical analogies and symbolism. In Philo, the Greek tradition and attitude toward music is paramount, with almost no reference made in his works to 'Jewish' music or to the Temple.

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The Musicians of Ashdod


5 clay figures of musicians playing cymbals, double pipe (2nd & 5th figures), poss. lyre, & tambourine are placed around the center of a cylindrical vessel with bowl on top. Biblical passage I Samuel (10:5) cited describing Philistine musical instruments. Photos of 3 views of the vessel, however figures of musicians are not clearly visible.

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Sounds from Silence: Recent Discoveries in Ancient Near Eastern Music

disk notes & 33 1/3LP; 3rd author:R.R. Brown; illustrated notes on research & theory, song text & instruments in container; lecture, demonstrations of ancient near eastern music arr. & transribed by Kilmer; performed by Kilmer & Crocker using replicas of ancient lyre constructed by Brown

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