Ashkenazi prayer

Omanut ha-Hazzanut

This collection is the main work of cantor and composer Abraham Ber Birnbaum. It is a treatment of liturgical music for Cantor and choir, and consists of two volumes: The first volume contains recitatives and responsory prayers, and chapters of choir for Shabbat's prayers. The second volume is dedicated to the High Holidays prayers. The collection has much enriched the synagogue music of the time.

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Transcription de la pulsation, de la metrique et du "rhythme libre" [Transcription of the pulse, meter, and "free rhythm"]

Collection title: Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles. XII (1999): Noter la musique Analyzes in detail two examples of transcription of monophonic music with complex rhythmic strata that interact in subtle and fluid ways: , a partially improvised Hungarian traditional song of the genre practiced chiefly in Transylvania, and the benediction section of the , an Ashkenazi prayer celebrating the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt.

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