The Concept of Mode in European Synagogue Chant

The article deals with research of the "Adonai Malach" Steiger using 30 melodies representing an existing tradition. "Adonai Malach"'s scale, motives, the motives' function, placement and the Steiger's "ethos" are all examined. The Steiger proves to be an extraordinary phenomenon in European music but there is an obvious similarity to the melodic structure of Eastern music in the past and present.

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The practice of music as an expression of religious philosophy among the East-Ashkenazi Jews

Special issue on Jewish music Establishing a conceptual framework for the discussion of the liturgical music of the East Ashkenazi Jews cannot apply the commonly accepted notions of prayer, speech, sacred, music, and art as separate categories.

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Schire Beth Adonai

Three volume collection of synagogue compositions: The first two volumes are liturgical choral compositions. The third volume, titled Schire Schelomo, contains chants and settings composed by Hirsch Weintraub's father, Salomon Weintraub (Kashtan).

The first edition, under the same name, which did not include "Schire Schlomo", was published in Koenigsberg in 1865.

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Hebraeisch-orientalischer Melodienschatz, 09[G]: Der Volksgesang der osteuropaeischen Juden

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This entry is part of an online exhibit entitled: "Hava Nagila: From Idelsohn to Belafonte & Beyond," prepared by Eva Heinstein with help from the JMRC staff. To view the exhibit in its entirety click on the link above.

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