Notes on Bukharan Music in Israel

The article describes field work in Israel during 1971 in the research of Bukarian music. It describes the cultural influences and origins of the Bukharian community. Urban communities were more pluralistic and multicutural and Jewish musicians contributd to them. It appears that in Israel as in the Soviet Union Bukharian music was to a large extent modernized and even lost. The article follows the story of one Bukharian family which arrived in Israel in the 1930s.

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Articles in Books

Hebraeisch-orientalischer Melodienschatz, [G] 1914-32

10 volumes; Also in English (vols. 1-2, 6-10) and Hebrew (vols. 1-5). Each volume contains scores of various kinds of music (liturgical and paraliturgical, as well as comparisons to music of other communities or to non-Jewish music), preceded by an introductory section about the Jews, their culture and languages, and their music (including theoretical analysis).

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