Mordechai Yardeni (Motl Sherman)

cantor, composer, music critic, playwright, songwriter, and lecturer.

Mordechai Yardeni was Born as Motl Sherman in 1906 in the town of Slovechno (Volyn province of the Russian Empire, now Ukraine). His father, Chaim Sherman, was a shochet (a ritual slaughterer), a baal-tefila (cantor), and a teacher of Gemarra. His mother, Malka, came from a family of wealthy contractors. 


Max Wohlberg

Hungarian-born liturgical scholar, composer and cantor
Max Wohlberg was born in Humene (today in Ukraine). He immigrated to the U.S. in 1923, where he sang in the choir of the Metropolitan Opera and held several positions as cantor. From 1952 he was professor of liturgy at the Cantors' School of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York (now the H. L. Miller Cantorial School). As a composer, Wholberg mainly wrote modern melodies to liturgical texts. 

Hugo Adler

Cantor and composer in Germany and later in the US

Hugo Adler was born in Antwerp, Belgium. He sang in the choir of Yossele Roenblatt in Hamburg, officiated as cantor in the Haupt-Synagoge in Mannheim, Germany (1921-1939), and studied composition with Ernst Toch. In 1939, he immigrated to the US, and there he officiated as cantor at Temple Emanuel in Worcester, Massachusetts from 1940 until his death in 1955.