Cantorial music

Singing in the Dark

Directed by Max Nosseck  

This film is one of the first Hollywood films to deal with the Holocaust and starts cantor and star of the Yiddish cinema Moyshe Oysher in his only English language role. It is about a cantor who is a holocaust survivor with traumatic amnesia and who can only sing when he is inebriated.

Film include footage shot in the historic Levetzow Synagogue in Berlin that was razed shortly thereafter.

Excerpt from the film:

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Photo taken from the National Center for Jewish Film

Vollständiger Jahrgang von Terzett-und Chorgesängen der Synagoge in München‎


Collection of trios and choir songs of the synagogue in Munich, for the entire yearly cycle.
Collected in three volumes: 1st vol.: 27 songs, recitatives and responses for the Sabbath.
2nd vol.: 39 general songs and songs for Shlosha Regalim: Sukkot, Pesach and Shavu’ot.
3rd vol.: 95 songs for This’a Be’av, Purim and High Holidays.

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