Myer Leoni

English cantor

Myer Leoni began his musical career as an opera singer in England. In 1767 he took a position as cantor of the Great Synagogue in London, but continued performing in Operas, providing they didn’t conflict with his Synagogue duties.

Leoni, along with collegue Giordani, established an English Opera company in Dublin in 1783, which due to financial difficulties only ran for a short time.

d. 1796

Erich Walter Sternberg


Erich Walter Sternberg (Berlin, 1891 – Tel-Aviv 1974, immigrated in 1932) was the first local composer performed by the Palestine Orchestra (1937). His style was mostly conservative, post-Romantic, fluent and rich. His works were later often related as “non-local,” or “more Jewish than Israeli” because of that Zeitgeist favoring East-West syntheses, and hence under-appreciated – as was his major work, The Twelve Tribes of Israel — symphonic variations that he wrote in 1938.


Samuel Naumbourg

Composer, Synagogue singer, Musicologist, French Jewish reformer of synagogue music & choirmaster

Samuel Naumbourg was born in Dennelohe, Bavaria, groomed from a young age to continue the long line of professional hazzanim in his family. He received his formal musical education in Munich where he was recruited to sing in Maier Kohn’s synagogue choir.  Naumbourg’s early appointments included a cantorial post in Besançon and a position as choirmaster of the Synagogue in Strasburg.