In Ale Gasn\ Hey Hey Daloy Politsey

In honor of May Day, this month's song of the month is a Yiddish song about the political struggles of Jewish socialists, communists, and even anarchists, in Russia and Poland since the ending of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century. The song is actually a combination of two songs, arranged by Zalman Mlotek, musician, conductor, arranger and an authority in Yiddish folk and theater music.

Gesaenge de Juden auf der Insel Djerba (Posthumous Works, II)

The original German version of the epoch-making monograph by Robert Lachmann (published originally in 1942 in English without musical examples and photographs) on the musical culture of the venerable Jewish community from the Island of Djerba, off the southern coast of Tunisia. Reaching far beyond this specific case, which served Lachmann as a kind of pilot project, the book has become a model that scholars may find applicable to other issues in ethnomusicology.

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The Hasidic Niggun as Sung by the Hasidim


Contains Niggunim of various genres, and from various Hassidic dynasties, performed either in solo or group singing (choir or congregation), occasionally with instrumental accompaniment. The Niggunim are taken from a variety of calendar and life-cycle events: Shabbat, Festivals, Zemirot, Tish, Wedding, Dance, Devequt, Marches, Waltzes, etc.

Most of the tracks were recorded in Jerusalem and Benei Berak, others in Kefar Habbad, Rehovot, and one in the US.

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