The Unfortunate Bride

Directed by Maurice Schwartz

This 1926 silent film was re-edited and had dialogue and music added to it in 1932. It's theme is similar to many other Yiddish films of that era. It is about the conflict between the traditional and modern ways of life that greeted Jewish immigrants upon their arrival in America.

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Iraq N’Roll

Directed by Gili Gaon

Film about Israeli musician Dudu Tassa and the music of his grandfather and great-uncle Daud and Salah al-Kuweiti respectively  who were some of the most important musicians in Iraq during the 1930s.

More information on the film can be found at Ruth Diskin Films' Website.


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Black over White

The concert in Addis Ababa is not just another performance by the Idan Raichel Project, but a journey back to the homeland of two of the Project's lead singers, Cabra Casay and Avi Vograss Vesa. The film raises questions about identity and seeks to reawaken the pain of immigration, which is still there even after so many years, rekindling the authenticity and bond to the place that will exist forever in their minds and hearts.


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