Black over White

The concert in Addis Ababa is not just another performance by the Idan Raichel Project, but a journey back to the homeland of two of the Project's lead singers, Cabra Casay and Avi Vograss Vesa. The film raises questions about identity and seeks to reawaken the pain of immigration, which is still there even after so many years, rekindling the authenticity and bond to the place that will exist forever in their minds and hearts.


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Ani Maleh Ahava

Directed by Erez Verdena

Nachum Arieli presents this program about Harav Kook. Musical versions of Kook's poems, composed by different composers, are interspersed throughout the program and they include:

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The Hasidic Niggun as Sung by the Hasidim


Contains Niggunim of various genres, and from various Hassidic dynasties, performed either in solo or group singing (choir or congregation), occasionally with instrumental accompaniment. The Niggunim are taken from a variety of calendar and life-cycle events: Shabbat, Festivals, Zemirot, Tish, Wedding, Dance, Devequt, Marches, Waltzes, etc.

Most of the tracks were recorded in Jerusalem and Benei Berak, others in Kefar Habbad, Rehovot, and one in the US.

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