Israeli Folk Songs

LeBelibo Agas VeGam Tapuach

This musical television special, hosted by Ehud Manor and conducted and arranged by Matti Caspi, features prominent Israeli singers performing popular Israeli songs that were inspired and taken from Russian folksongs. The performers include, Matti Caspi, Leah Shabbat, Simah A'miel, Shlomi Shabbat, Boaz Sharabi and Ofira Yosephi.

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Video still taken from the Youtube video of Tov Lalakhet Badrakhim

Cute Boy, Charming Girl: Children's Songs of the Modern Hebrew Nation (1882-1948)


Cute Boy, Charming Girl: Children’s Songs of the Modern Hebrew Nation(1882-1948) presents Hebrew songs written for and sung by Jewish children in pre-state Israel. The selection represents highlights in the development of this genre in the first half of the twentieth century. It includes poems by canonical poets that were set to music by professional composers, songs by amateur poets and composers, translated songs, and borrowed melodies.

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Yona Homiya

12 Sephardic songs. The book contains songs that were either written, composed, or sung by Yitzhak Eliyahu Navon. Includes words and music. Edited and published by Yitzhak Levi, for the preservation of Sephardi folk music.

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Yehiel 'Adaki

Jewish Yemenite singer who worked for the conservation of Yemenite singing in Palestine and Israel
Yehiel 'Adaki was born in Manakhah in 1903 to Aharon and Margalit 'Adaki. The family originated from Sana'a, but Yehiel's paternal grandfather left due to starvation in Sana'a, and worked in the Herez region as a goldsmith...