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Cute Boy, Charming Girl: Children's Songs of the Modern Hebrew Nation (1882-1948)


Cute Boy, Charming Girl: Children’s Songs of the Modern Hebrew Nation(1882-1948) presents Hebrew songs written for and sung by Jewish children in pre-state Israel. The selection represents highlights in the development of this genre in the first half of the twentieth century. It includes poems by canonical poets that were set to music by professional composers, songs by amateur poets and composers, translated songs, and borrowed melodies.

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Yechidi Laderech Li Etse'a

"Alone I set out on the road," wrote Lermontov, the great Russian poet, in 1841. This line has been sung many times, as it came from the very popular Russian romance, "Vyhozhu odin ja na dorogu" (Alone I set out on the road). The song travelled all the way from Russia to Israel during the second Aliya, which consisted of many Russian immigrants. These immigrants, who left their homes in Europe and arrived in a desolate country in the Middle East, could feel themselves as the lonely traveler of this romantic song.

Der Gesang Israels und seine Quellen :‎ ein Beitrag zur hebräischen Musikologie


English title: The singing of Israel and its sources: a contribution to Hebrew musicology.
Includes chapters about music in the bible, masoretic accents,dance, arabic songs, and music of different Jewish cultural groups.
The book is the publication of Joel Walbe's doctorate by the same name, which he submitted to the University of Vienna in 1964.

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Yona Homiya

12 Sephardic songs. The book contains songs that were either written, composed, or sung by Yitzhak Eliyahu Navon. Includes words and music. Edited and published by Yitzhak Levi, for the preservation of Sephardi folk music.

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