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LeBelibo Agas VeGam Tapuach

This musical television special, hosted by Ehud Manor and conducted and arranged by Matti Caspi, features prominent Israeli singers performing popular Israeli songs that were inspired and taken from Russian folksongs. The performers include, Matti Caspi, Leah Shabbat, Simah A'miel, Shlomi Shabbat, Boaz Sharabi and Ofira Yosephi.

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Video still taken from the Youtube video of Tov Lalakhet Badrakhim

The Epstein Brothers: Klezmer Music Vol. III - IV


This double-CD set is a definitive picture of Jewish music during the years between the popular old recordings of Brandwein, Tarras, Moscowitz, and Kandel, and the klezmer revival. This home produced album contains a wide variety of recordings, ranging from liturgical pieces, to traditional Jewish wedding music, to popular Israeli dance songs.

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Moshe Wilensky

Israeli musician, composer & lyricist

Moshe Wilensky was born in 1910 in Warsaw, Poland. During the first World War, his family emigrated to Russia where they stayed until 1917, when they returned to Warsaw. In his youth, he studied at the "Eskela" Jewish Gymnasium, where the Hebrew was taught in addition to general studies.

1910- 1997