Jewish identity

The Most Musical Nation: Jews and Culture in the Late Russian Empire

"No image of prerevolutionary Russian Jewish life is more iconic than the fiddler on the roof. But in the half century before 1917, Jewish musicians were actually descending from their shtetl roofs and streaming in dazzling numbers to Russia’s new classical conservatories. At a time of both rising anti-Semitism and burgeoning Jewish nationalism, how and why did Russian music become the gateway to modern Jewish identity?

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The Jewish service in Communist Hungary – a personal journey

Red ritual: Ritual music and Communism Summarizes the problems that hindered the practice of Jewish ritual music in Hungary during the Communist period. The music for the traditional Jewish service is described, as are the characteristics that made this music difficult for the modern middle class to accept. It is suggested that the specific character of Jewish ritual music contributed to its marginal position before and after World War II.

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