Jewish music

A. Z. Idelsohn: A Pioneer in Jewish Ethnomusicology

The revised version of the first part of "Two Anniversaries- Two Pioneers in Jewish Ethnomusicology," Orbis Musicae, II (1973/74): 17-18. The article gives a brief survey of Idelsohn's seminal works which layed the foundations of research in Jewish music.

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Discovering Jewish Music

Overview of the history of Jewish music for the intelligent lay reader as well as more advanced students of Jewish music. Several chapters discuss popular music in Israel and America. Contains some 175 musical examples, and an accompanying CD with 65 tracks. However, it is an uneven catalogue of data from Biblical times to contemporary Israeli popular music lacking criticism or contextualization.

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Italian Jewish musicians in Western musical tradition. II

Abramo Basevi (1818-1885) was a music critic and composer. His book "Studio sulle opera di Giuseppe Verdi" is considered a musicological tool. Another musicologist, Arnaldo Bonaventura (1862-1952) catalogued collections of old music at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale in Florence. Violinist composer Federigo Console (b. 1841) is known for "Safer Shire Israel" ("Book of the Songs of Israel". Other Italians included pianist Carlo Felice Boghen (b. 1869), librettist Giacomo Orefice (b.

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