Ray Musiker

Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Educator and Composer

Born in 1927 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Ray is the fourth generation in a family of Klezmer musicians. As a child, Ray learned to play Klezmer dance music at Jewish weddings. His parents immigrants to America from Northern Russia. From his parents, Ray inhererited a love of Eastern European Jewish music from Russia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.


Sam Musiker

Klezmer clarinetist and saxophonist

Sam Musiker was an American clarinetist and saxophonist whose career spanned both jazz and klezmer music. He is best known as the musical director of the album Tanz, which also featured his brother Ray Musiker and his father-in-law Dave Tarras.


Mark Isakovich Rabinovich

Violinist and Conductor

Mark Rabinovich was Born in 1870 in the town of Zdvyzhensk (Kiev province of the Russian Empire; now Brusilov, Ukraine). He studied music under the guidance of his grandfather, the klezmer violinist and composer Israel-Moishe Rabinovich.

In 1937-1938 he was the head of the State Ensemble of Jewish Folk Music of the Ukrainian SSR. The ensemble performed on the radio and toured Ukraine and Belarus, Moldova, and Crimea.

Mark Isakovich Rabinovich died in Kiev in 1940.

1870- 1940

Abraham Segal

Israeli Klezmer musician

Avraham Segal (Avrum Shpiler) was born in Safed, Palestine (Erez-Israel). He was a clarinet player, and the last klezmer of the pre-State generations. He is known as Musa Berlin's non-official teacher.


Dave Tarras

Klezmer clarinetist

Dave Tarras was born in Ternovka, near Uman, and immigrated to New York in 1921. He was one of the most famous Klezmer musicians of the 20th century.

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