Kol Nidre

Self-Revelation and the Law- Arnold Schoenberg in his religious works

Arnold Schoenberg's religious works serve as chapters in his own spiritual biography. the late twelve tone musicla style is apparent in his piece "Jacob's ladder". In his piece "kol Nidre" his return to traditional tonality and his choice of the topic reveal his deep personal interest in the Jew who left his religion and aspires to return to it.

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The Kol Nidre Tune

1931-2 This is one of Idelsohn's most intriguing articles; it is a study in which his abilities as historian, liturgist, cantor and musician show at their best. The article begins with a concise discussion of the kol nidre text; its legal aspect and its history from Geonic times in Babylonia to the ninteenth-century Reform in Germany.

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