Der Missinai-Gesang der deutschen Synagoge

"The mis-sinay Song of the German Synagogue" An analysis of nine tunes which are used in the Ashkenazi synagogues, most of them in the High Holidays services. Hazzanim refer to these tunes as mis-sinay (i.e. given on Mount Sinai). Idelsohn discusses their proximity to the melodies of the Minnesanger and concludes that the tunes are combinations of Oriental-Jewish and German elements.

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Schire Beth Adonai

Three volume collection of synagogue compositions: The first two volumes are liturgical choral compositions. The third volume, titled Schire Schelomo, contains chants and settings composed by Hirsch Weintraub's father, Salomon Weintraub (Kashtan).

The first edition, under the same name, which did not include "Schire Schlomo", was published in Koenigsberg in 1865.

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