Musical Notations of Zemirot (Sabbath Table Songs) in an Eighteenth Century Manuscript at the Prague National Library


The article describes a manuscript from the Birnbaum Collection which may date from before the middle of the 18th century. Examples of the Zemirot (Shabbat songs) contained in the Ms, are presented alongside their deciphered texts.

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Karel Reiner

Composer & pianist; active in the musical life of Theresienstadt (Terezín)

Karel Reiner, composer and pianist, born June 27, 1910 in Žatec (Western Bohemia). Reiner studied law and musicology at the Charles University in Prague, and composition at the Master School under Josef Suk and Alois Hába. Aside from his interest in composition, Reiner was a talented pianist, dedicated to propagating contemporary music throughout Europe. Reiner concertized regularly and was a sought after accompanist until the Nazi occupying forces in the Czech territories issued a ban on public performances by Jewish musicians.