Russian music

LeBelibo Agas VeGam Tapuach

This musical television special, hosted by Ehud Manor and conducted and arranged by Matti Caspi, features prominent Israeli singers performing popular Israeli songs that were inspired and taken from Russian folksongs. The performers include, Matti Caspi, Leah Shabbat, Simah A'miel, Shlomi Shabbat, Boaz Sharabi and Ofira Yosephi.

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Video still taken from the Youtube video of Tov Lalakhet Badrakhim

Yechidi Laderech Li Etse'a

"Alone I set out on the road," wrote Lermontov, the great Russian poet, in 1841. This line has been sung many times, as it came from the very popular Russian romance, "Vyhozhu odin ja na dorogu" (Alone I set out on the road). The song travelled all the way from Russia to Israel during the second Aliya, which consisted of many Russian immigrants. These immigrants, who left their homes in Europe and arrived in a desolate country in the Middle East, could feel themselves as the lonely traveler of this romantic song.

Selected writings and lectures of Joseph Yasser : an annotated bibliography compiled by Albert Weisser.

A partial bibliography of Joseph Yasser's writings and lectures, with emphasis on subjects related to Jewish music. Each bibliographical item includes publication information, summary of content, and a list of the literature that was written about the item.

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Herman Svet


Gershon (Herman) Svet was born January 1, 1893, in Shpole (Kiev province of the Russian Empire, now Ukraine). His father, Menachem Mendel Sveta, was the local cantor.

He studied at the "cheder" (religious elementary school). Later he graduated from high school in Zlatopol as an external student. In 1917 he joined the historical philology department at Kiev University, devoting himself primarily to the history of art. In 1920 he joined the Faculty of History and Philology of Odessa University. He married Yehudith Wahl, from Berlin.

1893- 1968