Cross-Repertoire Motifs in Liturgical Music of the Ashkenazi Tradition: An Initial Lay of the Land


The earlier version, entitled “Cross-Repertoire Motifs in the Liturgical Music of Ashkenazi Tradition,” was presented at the World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, 2013.  This article is an expanded and elaborated version of that paper.

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Transcription de la pulsation, de la metrique et du "rhythme libre" [Transcription of the pulse, meter, and "free rhythm"]

Collection title: Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles. XII (1999): Noter la musique Analyzes in detail two examples of transcription of monophonic music with complex rhythmic strata that interact in subtle and fluid ways: , a partially improvised Hungarian traditional song of the genre practiced chiefly in Transylvania, and the benediction section of the , an Ashkenazi prayer celebrating the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt.

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The Treatise on Music translated into Hebrew by Juda ben Isaac (Paris B.N. Heb. 1037, 22v-27v)

Based on the article Israel Adler translated in Yuval I, p.1-47, this article attempts to reach the historic origin of the article in question and its relation to medieval music theory. The process of its creation is described spanning from the 11th to the 15th century.

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