Tish'ah beAv - Ninth of Av

Bore ‘ad ana – A Dirge for the Ninth of Av and its Geographical Distribution

“Bore ‘ad ana” (“Creator until when?”) is one of the most ubiquitous qinot (dirges) in the order of prayers for the Ninth of Av among the Sephardic and Oriental Jewish communities. The identity of the author is unknown, except his name, Binyamin (Benjamin), which is embedded in an acrostic. Consequently, the time and place of authorship are also unknown, although it is most probably a late medieval poem. A loose leaf in the Cairo Genizah contains our poem (highlighted) attesting to its pedigree:



A collection of songs and music for the Jewish holidays divided into eleven sections by holiday: 1. Simchath-torah 2. Chanukkah 3. Purim 4. Pessach 5/6. Lag-baomer and Shavuoth -7. Tishah-be'Av 8. Rosh-ha'Shanah 9/10. Yom-kippur 11. Sukkot

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