Aron Marko Rothmüller

Baritone, composer, voice teacher and author of Croatian-Jewish origin

Born in Trnjani (Austro-Hungarian Empire; a small locality near Slavonski Brod, today southern Croatia). Studied in Zagreb and Vienna (1928-1932), was a distinguished opera singer, and performed across Europe. Following Nazi persecution he settled in Zurich in 1935. Immigrated to the USA in 1955, where he taught voice at Indiana University.


Susana Weich-Shahak


Born in Argentina, lives in Israel since 1958.

PhD degree in Musicology at the Tel Aviv University (1986); BA and MA in Musicology and piano at the Conservatorio Nacional (Buenos Aires) and the Tel Aviv University Music Academy. PhD dissertation on "The Music of Four Indian Tribes of the Peruvian Forest: Yagua, Campa, Mashco and Orejon", based on recordings of music and mythical tales collected in fieldwork made possible by grants of the Tel Aviv University.