Katz Puts on the Dog


1. Murietta Hot Springs
2. Shlepin' My Baby Back Home
3. Sin
4. Feet Up, Pat Him On The Pipik
5. Peysekh In Portugal
6. Moscovitz Ramble
7. Sweet And Gentle
8. Shvitsberg, Pennsylvania
9. Nature Bokher
10. You're A Doity Dog
11. Hey! Jealous Lover

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Jennie Goldstein

Yiddish theater actress & singer

Yiddish theater star Jennie Goldstein was born in New York in 1896. She began acting at the age of six, playing child roles opposite actor greats Bertha Kalish, Keni Liptzin, and David Kessler. Goldstein’s childhood and early adulthood revolved around the Yiddish theater; by the age of sixteen she was already running her own theater with her husband, Max Gabel.