Hirsch Weintraub

Cantor and composer

Hirsch Weintraub was born in Dubno, Poland. He was the son of cantor-composer Solomon Weintraub, and started his musical training at an early age singing as a chorister in his father's choir in Dubno, and also receiving formal studies of music and violin. Later he left to study harmony in Vienna (where he was influenced greatly by Salomon Sulzer's style) and in Berlin. He also studied counterpoint in Königsberg. From 1829 to 1834 Weintraub succeeded his father as cantor in Dubno, likely as his father intended.

In 1838 he was appointed chief cantor in Königsberg, and he remained in this post until his death. In Königsberg, Weintraub built his reputation as a cantor and composer, and published his main work there: "Schire Bet Adonai."

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(Written by Ofer Ronen)


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