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Jews in Music: from the Age of Enlightenment to the Mid-Twentieth Century

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Bloch Pub. Co.
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New York, NY, USA

1st edition was published by Philosophical Library (NY) in 1959, under the title "Jews in Music: from the Age of Enlightenment to the Present". In this book the Jewish contribution to music since the early ninteenth century to this day is treated for the first time under a unified chronological and historical aspect. Extensive chapters are devoted both to sacred and secular music. Mendelssohn and Mahler, Bloch and Schoenberg are but the giants among the many whose work is evaluated and whose influence is placed in cultural perspective. Other manifestations of Jewish musical talent are not neglected. Among the areas treated in detail are: The activities of conductors, soloists and pedagogues. The work of Jewish musicologists, critics and writers. The influence of Jewish managers and stage directors in the musical theater. The place of the Yiddish operetta, so beloved by the broad masses of the people. The importance of private collections of musical manuscripts and books, as well as those in public archives and libraries. The foundations and other institutions for the support and dissemination of Jewish music. Finally, a comprehensive and informative chapter expounds the musical life of present-day Israel, with its flourishing art- and folk-music, as well as the stylistic problems to which these have given birth. The question as to the possiblilty of an idiomatic Jewish music is answered in a positive way. Here, in brief, is a reliable survey of a world-wide musical culture created or influenced by Jews - a scholarly and stimulating work addressed not only to professional musicians and students but also to lay music lovers.